Thank you again to everyone reaching out to check on us. We were able to get onto the property briefly this morning. Although quite a bit of the property remained untouched by the fire, other parts of the property were hit during the night. At this time, we’re still assessing the damage and over the next few weeks will be working with the county and local officials to get our property back up and running. 

To our 2019 brides: please know you’re our top priority and as updates become available, we will email you immediately with any and all information we have. 

Ultimately, we’re thankful we were able to get all our people and animals evacuated and safe. 

We’re doing our very best to respond to your questions and concerns as quickly as we can. We are getting a high volume of people contacting us, so as we are in the process of assessing the damage and making plans, we thank you in advance for your patience with us. The best way to contact us is by email.